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About Us


About Us



         Dikey Machinery Automation continues its production with experienced staff as engineers, technicians, masters, in its new establishment with 1850 square meters of closed factory area on Kemalpaşa Organized Industrial Zone İzmir, which is one of the most beautiful cities in Turkey. Business experience, know-how and company character of Dikey Machinery Automation is well known by our solution-oriented partners and of course by overall plastic sector.


         Dikey Machinery Automation is proud of being successful to achieve its prior target-becoming first in Turkey by its many projects, with its unique understanding: ‘High-tech and researchable machinery production by presenting solution-oriented projects to our customers which are seen as business partners to us.’ 3 of our projects have been seen as supportable by TUBITAK (The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey) until now and all of them have been completed successfully. Until now, we worked with philosophy: ‘High Performance, Energy Saving and Quality-Competitive Production is Guaranteed’ and from now on, we are continuing our production with the same philosophy.


         For this reason; we are paying great attention to R&D (Research and Development) activities for developing engineering solutions to our customer’s needs with respect to changing conditions and demands globally.


         The reason why Dikey Machinery Automation is seen as the best alternative by its customers: The production of the machinery; from the beginning of design to the end of production, with its automated system and PLC programming, and with all of its apparatus and applications, produced on our facility by our engineers and technicians. For this reason we are capable of serving our customers;


         “Quick solutions for various kind of problems, fast maintenance and cheap spare parts”.