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Why Vertical Machine ?


Why Vertical Machine ?



        Improper investment causes companies various serious problems!

        For this reason;

        We are paying attention to capability of making high quality and low cost production, energy saving and technological equipment. At the same time, becoming more economical with respect to our competitors in the market is also very important to us.

        A close look to "Supply / Demand" balance in today's market conditions;

        Companies have to sell top quality products by the most economical way.

        In this respect, continuous profitability of producers of plastic products cannot be provided with periodically increased price of the product. So, producers of plastic industry have to minimize the production costs continuously!

       In this stage, the answer of the question: ‘Why Dikey Machinery Automation?’ becoming more clear:


    •  Technologically equipped Machines that are more economical than equivalent machines in the market,
    •  Providing High Capacity-Quality Production and Energy Saving,
    •  Machines that have a technological and improvable structure,
    •  “ User Friendly ” machines that ensures adaptation of operator in very short time,
    •  Fast and cheap service and spare parts,
    •  Choice of working with the World’s best trademarks and using worldwide supplied spare parts,
    •  Capability of creating alternative solutions for the facility and structure of the customer,
    •  Emphasis to Research and Development, always developing and dynamic character,


        We are saying Dikey Machinery Automation…

        Absolutely, meet with us before realizing your valuable investments…

       Get in touch with our References before you will make your last decision.

       From now on, Decision is yours..!

       Best Regards.